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Though a court may order an attorney to take any case, we strive to take cases where we believe the balance of justice weighs in favor of our client.

Because we limit the cases we take, you get an attorney highly committed to the justice of your cause. Clients have found that the level of commitment at Progressive Law Group to be extraordinary.

Because we have represented both plaintiffs and defendants, you get a team with the perspective of having seen the strengths and weaknesses of cases from both sides – - one whose work is informed by the experience necessary to a balanced view. This perspective is often key to developing the best strategy, the one that accomplishes the most for you.

There is no litmus or "correctness" test. You do not have to be perfect. No one is. People and entities committed to playing within the rules and being fair may make honest mistakes and find themselves the victim of unfair "scorched earth" litigation, unduly heavy handed enforcement, or unreasonable opposition. They will find a determined and seasoned partner at Progressive Law Group.

On the other hand, if justice is not on your side, if you have deliberately set out to inflate your profits by evading your responsibilities to the community, to fleece your business partners or shareholders, or to deliberately mislead consumers, then you may well be looking at Progressive Law Group from other side.

You will find us relentless.

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