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We have helped municipalities, businesses and non-profit organizations with major environmental cases. We have also: protected and vindicated consumer and shareholders’ rights, required government agencies and large companies to adhere to their limits, meet their responsibilities, or back-off of unwarranted aggressive enforcement actions, and recovered compensation for wrongdoing in corporate, contract, regulatory, and consumer law settings.  Our attorneys have effectively handled:

  • Business owners’ efforts to recover misappropriated business assets
  • Major environmental and energy cases
  • Contract and commercial disputes between businesses
  • Conflicts arising in dissolution of businesses
  • Condemnation cases for landowners seeking fair compensation
  • Citizen lawsuits under federal environmental protection laws
  • Property owner defense under CERCLA (the “Superfund” law)
  • Lawsuits aimed at odor and noise nuisances
  • Lawsuits against telecommunications companies
  • Open government cases involving public records and open meetings
  • Class Actions triggered by misrepresented products
  • Protection of local communities in the context of major developments, i.e. energy facilities 

Our lawyers have represented many organizations and individuals, including Associated Business Consultants, Inc., Blue Ox Forestry Inc., Citizens' Utility Board, The City of St. Croix Falls, Clean Wisconsin, Concerned River Valley Citizens, Clean Water Action Council, Collins Sanitary, LLC, Collins Farms, LLC, Clean Air Madison, Inc., Citizens for a Safe Environment, U.A., Desert Star Group Inc., Kickapoo Valley Stewardship Alliance, MD Mortgage Corporation, Numerous legislators, Plover Mills, Inc., Recycle Worlds Consulting, Inc., RENEW Wisconsin, Inc., Tomahawk Power and Pulp Co., Town (and, now, Village) of Caledonia, Wisconsin, Tribeca, Inc., Wisconsin Community Action Program Association, Wisconsin Farmers Union, Wisconsin's Environmental Decade and many property owners and consumers concerned about issues ranging from medical privacy to misrepresented products.