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We continuously seek to solve our client’s legal problems efficiently and effectively.  

Because of our reputations, we can negotiate some disputes to a favorable conclusion without legal action.  Some matters can be mediated with the help of a third party.  When these options make sense, we recommend them. 

Often, however, a lawsuit may be your only option, your best option, or the only way to be taken seriously.  Or one may arrive unwelcome at your door.  

We can help.   
We are dead serious about lawsuits.  If active litigation is necessary, we bring to bear many years of experience to systematically advance our clients' cause.
We aim to do right on behalf of clients who are in the right. We regularly represent municipalitiescitizenssmall businessesshareholdersbusiness owners, and non-profit organizations in their legal disputes with:

▪ Utilities and government agencies that take people’s land rights; 

▪ Advertisers who make false claims;

▪ Executives or co-owners who abuse their positions of power;

▪ Companies that pollute the environment or threaten health;

▪ Businesses and individuals that fail their contract obligations or duties of loyalty;

▪ Over-reaching government agencies.
We purposefully represent both plaintiffs and defendants.  We think doing so makes us better lawyers.  
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