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Frank Jablonski (Madison, WI) founded the Progressive Law Group LLC-Madison law firm in 2004. He focuses on trials and related work (litigation, mediation, and arbitration). He has represented persons harmed by corporate malfeasance, communities, non-profit organizations, businesses and business shareholders, and individuals, including both individual consumers and landowners subject to condemnation "takings" by utility companies. He has a broad legal and policy background, having worked on legislation and rules as a lobbyist for environmental and industry organizations. He has been honored twice for his work on public policy issues through Wisconsin Legislative Council Special Committees (1985 and 1993). He has also managed small and medium businesses, including a wood products manufacturing division within a Wisconsin manufacturing, distribution and energy services Company, and a subsidiary of Puget Sound Power and Light Company, an investor-owned utility. Over the last 27 years he has been lead counsel in administrative, regulatory, trial and appellate court actions too numerous to recount. These have involved both individual and class consumer matters, ranging from misrepresentation to telecommunications to contaminated pet food. They have also included environmental matters such as regulated industries, energy facilities development and impacts, (e.g. planning dockets, power plants, transmission lines, stray voltage, EMF), licensing and permitting, transportation, land use, and business disputes (contracts, fair competition, stockholder disputes, and the duties of owners to each other and to the shared enterprise). (J.D., University of Wisconsin, 1983). Licensed to practice in Wisconsin.